PAD Day 1: The Day After

That day –
The day after –
we woke up together
for the first time.
I reached up to feel
sprayed-stiff hair
crackling under my fingers.

My face felt tight
under all that makeup
I hadn’t taken off
when, caught between
delirium and ecstasy,
we tumbled into bed
laughing and reaching
for what had been forbidden
hours before.

That morning –
the day after –
I reached for you
and my hand grasped
nothing but a cool sheet.
I heard you before
I rolled over to see you
sitting in that rose-red chair
where my dress had landed
the night before.

White tulle and lace
crumpled under you
filling up all the space
around your legs
You held your head
in your hands
and I heard you sob again.

Before you said the words:
I think we made a mistake.

Note: This is not my story. It actually happened to a friend of mine. And I have always been horrified by it.


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