PAD: Day 5 – Festive poem (Round 2!)

This is outside of my normal style…and I’m still playing with it a little.


I knew where mom hid the presents:
in the back of the closet in what used to be my room
behind all of the old clothes that don’t fit
anyone anymore (but we hope they will again).

Way in the back, beneath empty shoe boxes
next to the broken seventies-yellow vacuum.
I climbed deeper than I thought that closet went
until I wondered if I was halfway to Narnia.

After the year I let on that I knew all the gifts
she got smart enough to wrap them before
she stuffed them in a black bag way back in that closet.
So I was surrounded by snowmen and sleigh bells and Santas.

I explored each package, best I could, turning
and shaking and probing until – car doors slam.
I piled them back – presents, vacuum, boxes, clothes
and ran to pretend I was waiting for Christmas.


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