PAD: Day 5 – Festive poem

The Last Thanksgiving

Remember our last Thanksgiving?
The one when we went
to the couple’s house.
That couple who told me
“God can save your marriage”
and then left him to do so
without ever asking again.

It was a motley crew.
Outcasts and exiles from
all over town with one thing
in common: nowhere else to go.
So we sat together
eating turkey and potatoes
in self-conscious silence.

When the silence stretched
too long – too long
even for our awkward host
he would pull out his phone
and read a historical fact about
Pilgrims and Indians and the
first Thanksgiving.

I was so glad when,
after pie and coffee,
the first person excused herself
leaving us free to follow.
We looked at each other and
agreed on the first thing in months:
Let’s never do that again.


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