Christmas Eve

I wrote this last year, and I still like it. So I’m reposting it. Happy Christmas Eve! The waiting is almost over!


Christmas Eve

I wonder if,
(but not now – then)
the earth held its breath,
like an audience in a theater
as the curtain begins to rise.

I wonder if the wind gusted
with unusual delight,
calling out to the rivers and the seas.
I wonder if the people being counted
huddled closer, wrapping themselves
tightly in their cloaks,
making small talk about strange weather
while they waited.

I wonder if the shepherds
remarked to each other
how the sheep
and the goats
were restless today.
And how the dogs were acting
just as they did
in the deep quiet before a storm.

Or if not the earth,
then at least the angels
(and perhaps the moon and stars).
I wonder if they jostled for position
to see the girl in the crowd
who carried eternity inside her,
and her husband,
his face creased by worry
place a hand on her belly
feeling the muscles tighten beneath his palm.

I wonder if they all spoke the word with her:


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