My first poem…and it’s still untitled

Over the past month or so, I’ve been working on an application for a master of fine arts in poetry. I’ve updated and uploaded my resume, asked three people to write my recommendations, and put together my manuscript. All that’s left is the dreaded personal statement. (Hence the reason I’m procrastinating by posting) The personal statement requires that I describe my development as a writer and a person of faith. So, that means I’m looking back over my journey of becoming a poet. I just pulled up the first real poem I ever wrote – using magnetic words on our fridge. I thought I’d share it here, just for fun.


of my
there is no peace like you.
I see eternity as you dance over me.
I learn to celebrate brokenness.
You heal the secret worry –
joy wakes softly
from vast night.
Brilliant blaze melt my present.
I desire to be a wild fire
bellowing through the wood.
Embrace away the dirt.
Speak a word that makes
morning from dark sky.
Listen, he comes,
and I am changed:
longing to do his asking,
daughter born of God


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